Testing batteries (manual procedure), When should you test and recalibrate a battery – ZOLL SurePower Rev B Charger Station User Manual

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9650-0535-01 Rev. B

Testing Batteries (Manual Procedure)

Performing a battery test in one charger bay will not affect the operation of any other bay (other
than to possibly extend charge time).

The battery test measures the battery’s capacity.

When Should You Test and Recalibrate a Battery?

You should test and recalibrate batteries after a certain number of use (charge/discharge) cycles.
The number of use cycles between battery tests depends on the battery type. For example, all
ZOLL smart lead acid batteries require testing every twenty use cycles or every three months.
The SurePower Battery Pack automatically recalibrates when necessary.

Note: A battery will pass a battery test (the charger lights the Ready LED) if the battery can

be charged to at least 60% of its original factory charge capacity. Lead acid batteries

that fail the test may have a significantly reduced operating time when installed in a

defibrillator. You should remove these batteries from service.