Charger and battery keys, Battery charging requirements – ZOLL SurePower Rev B Charger Station User Manual

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SurePower Charger Station Charging Bays

9650-0535-01 Rev. B

SurePower Charger Station

Operator’s Guide


Charger and Battery Keys

ZOLL’s defibrillator batteries and the bays in the SurePower Charger Station are keyed to
prevent incompatible batteries from seating in the charging bays and damaging the SurePower
Charger Station
. The following illustration shows the key on the SurePower Battery Pack.

Figure 1-3 Battery Key

Batteries that do not have the correct keys will not seat in the charging bays and cannot be
charged and tested by the SurePower Charger Station. For example, the AED PRO
defibrillator’s disposable battery pack is keyed differently and will not seat in the SurePower
Charger Station


Do not use the SurePower Charger Station to charge any battery packs which are not designed

for use with SurePower Charger Stations.

Battery Charging Requirements

Each battery type has its own charging requirements. When you place a SurePower Battery
into the bay of a SurePower charger, the charger identifies the battery type and the battery
communicates its charging requirements to the charger.