Powering on the charger, Self test at power on – ZOLL SurePower Rev B Charger Station User Manual

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9650-0535-01 Rev. B

The charger rests on four rubber feet when you place it on a table top or counter.

Figure 2-2

SurePower Charger Station

Bottom View


Do not remove the rubber feet from the charger base. The rubber feet provide a space between

the charger base and the work surface that is necessary for adequate heat dissipation.

Powering on the Charger

To power on the charger, plug the AC cord attached to the rear of the charger into live AC

Use only the AC cord that ZOLL Medical Corporation provides.

Note: There is no power switch on the SurePower Charger Station -- the unit is powered on at

all times when it is plugged in and AC power is available.


Always inspect the AC cord before use. Do not use the AC cord if it is defective -- for
example, the cord’s insulation is cracked or the cord is severely kinked.

Self Test at Power On

When you connect to the AC mains without batteries in the charging bays, the charger performs
a self-test which briefly lights all LEDs and then sounds an audible alarm tone. After a few
seconds all LEDs, except the Power LED in the middle of the control panel, will go out.
Should the charger detect a fault with its operation, it will light the Fault LED for the charger
bay or bays affected by this fault.

Note: If batteries are installed in the charging bays when you power on the SurePower

Charger Station, the charger performs only a partial self test; the SurePower Charger

Station performs a full self test when you remove the batteries from the charger bays.