Chapter 2 set up – ZOLL SurePower Rev B Charger Station User Manual

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9650-0535-01 Rev. B

SurePower Charger Station

Operator’s Guide


Chapter 2

Set Up

Place the SurePower Charger Station on a stable, secure surface.

Position the charger so that the control panel and LED’s face the area from which you’ll be
working -- this will make it easier to see the LED’s and install and remove batteries.

Make sure that there are at least four inches of clear space surrounding the charger. This
provides the air circulation necessary for the charger to dissipate the heat that it generates
during operation.

Figure 2-1 Charger Setup


Do not place anything on top of or beneath the unit that might block the vents.


Do not place open containers of liquids (drink cups, etc.) on or near the charger.
Spilling liquids on the charger can result in an electrical safety hazard.