Installing battery well spacers (optional) – ZOLL SurePower Rev B Charger Station User Manual

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Installing Battery Well Spacers (Optional)

9650-0535-01 Rev. B

SurePower Charger Station

Operator’s Guide


Installing Battery Well Spacers (Optional)

The SurePower Charger Station is designed to accept molded plastic battery well spacers that you
can install in the back of the charging bays (


8050-0032-01). Use these well spacers if you

will be charging only SurePower Battery Packs. The well spacers improve the fit of SurePower
Battery Packs
in the charger bays and prevent older ZOLL lead acid batteries from being used
with the charger.

Figure 2-3 Battery Well Spacer





To install the battery well spacer, use the screws provided and the pre-drilled holes in the back
of the battery bay to secure the bay spacers as shown in the following illustration.

Figure 2-4 Installing the Battery Well Spacer