Safety precautions and procedures, Caution – HT instruments MACROTEST 5035 User Manual

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EN - 3


This apparatus conforms with safety standards IEC/EN61557 and IEC/EN61010-1 relating
to electronic measuring instruments.

Strictly keep to the following instructions before and during measurements:


• For your own safety as well as that of the apparatus you are recommended

to follow the procedures described in this instruction manual and carefully
read all the notes preceded by the symbol

• Do not take measurements in wet environments

• Do not effect measurements in environments with explosive gas, fuels or


• Keep you insulated from the object under test waiting for measuring

• Avoid any contact with exposed metal parts, ends of test leads not in use,

circuits, etc

• Do not effect any measurement in case of unusual conditions of the

instrument such as deformation, breakage, leakage of substances,
absence of display reading etc

• Pay careful attention when measuring voltages exceeding 25V in particular

places (building yards, swimming pools, ..) and 50V in ordinary places
because of the risk of electric shock

The following symbols are used on the meter and in this manual:

Caution: refer to the instructions reported on this manual; improper use may
damage the apparatus or its components.

AC voltage or current

Double insulation




• This instrument has been designed for use in environments with a pollution

degree 2

• It can be used for tests on electrical installations with over voltage category

III up to 265V (to Earth)

• You are recommended to comply with the standard safety regulations

aimed at protecting you against dangerous currents and protecting the
instrument against improper use

• Only the leads supplied with the instrument guarantee compliance with the

safety standards. They must be in good conditions and must be replaced, if
necessary, with identical models

• Do not perform measurements on circuits exceeding the specified voltage


• Do not effect any measurement under environmental conditions beyond the

limits specified in this manual

• Check that batteries have been placed correctly

• Before connecting test leads to the circuit under test, check that rotary

switch position is correct

• Check that LCD and rotary switch indicate the same function