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Stand to the side of the cylinder opposite

the flowmeter/ regulator when opening

the cylinder valve. Keep the cylinder valve

between you and the flowmeter/ regulator.

For your safety, NEVER STAND IN FRONT OF



8. Slowly and carefully open the cylinder valve

(Figure 3-3) until the maximum pressure shows

on the high pressure gauge.

Art # A-09828

Figure 3-3: Open Cylinder Valve

9. On all cylinders, open the valve completely to

seal the valve packing. On gaugeless flowmeters/

regulators, the indicator will register the cylinder

contents open.


Keep the cylinder valve wrench, if one is

required, on the cylinder valve to turn off

the cylinder quickly, if necessary.

10. Attach the desired downstream equipment.

3.07 Leak Testing the System

Leak test the system before putting into operation.

1. Be sure that there is a valve in the downstream

equipment to turn off the gas flow.

2. With the cylinder valve open, adjust the

Flowmeter/ regulator to deliver the maximum

required delivery pressure.

3. Close the cylinder valve.
4. Turn the adjusting screw/knob counterclockwise

one turn.

a) If the high-pressure gauge reading drops,

there is a leak in the cylinder valve, inlet

fitting, or high-pressure gauge.

b) If the low-pressure gauge drops, there is a

leak in the down stream equipment, hose,

hose fitting, outlet fitting or low-pressure

gauge. Check for leaks using an approved

leak detector solution.

c) If the high-pressure gauge drops and the

low-pressure gauge increases at the same

time, there is a leak in the flowmeter/ regula-

tor seat.

d) If the flowmeter/ regulator requires service

or repair, take it to a qualified repair techni-


5. Once leak testing has been performed and there

are no leaks in the system, slowly open the

cylinder valve and proceed.



If a leak has been detected anywhere in

the system, dis continue use and have

the system repaired. DO NOT use leaking

equipment. Do not attempt to repair a leaking

system while the system is under pressure.

3.08 When You Finish Using the

Flowmeter/ Regulator

1. Close the cylinder valve.
2. Open the valve on the downstream equipment.

This drains all pressure from the system.

3. Close the valve on the downstream equipment.
4. Turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise to

release the ten sion on the adjusting spring.

5. Check the gauges after a few minutes for

verification that the cylinder valve is closed


3.09 Storage of the Flowmeter/ Regulator

When the regulator is not in use and has been removed

from the cylinder, it should be stored in an area where

it will be pro tected from dust, oil, and grease. The inlet

and outlet should be capped to protect against internal

contamination and prevent insects from nesting.