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4. Turn the hand wheel toward you until the Chainstitch Looper extends out

10mm (approximately ½ inch) from the needle plate edge.

5. Thread the looper area of the machine following the brown color-coded

thread guides 4-11. Use the tweezers provided in the accessory case to
aid in threading the looper.

6. Place the thread through threading guides and .

7. Continue threading guides , , and .

8. Thread the looper eye (A) from front to

back. Pull about 4 inches of thread
through the looper. Position the thread into
the V cutout (B) on the threader. Firmly
hold the thread tail with left hand and pull
threader lever (C) up into place (D). Gently
pull 5-6” of thread to the back of the machine.

Five-Thread Safety Stitch Wide page 12

“V” cutout

Threader Lever

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