Five-thread safety stitch (narrow) – SINGER 14T967DC-WORKBOOK QUANTUMLOCK User Manual

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Five-Thread Safety Stitch (Narrow)

This stitch is a combination of a Two-Thread Chainstitch and a Three-Thread Overlock
Stitch. It is suitable for woven fabrics and provides a durable seam for heavy weight
fabrics such as denim and terrycloth. Using this strong and stable safety stitch
eliminates the need to reinforce the seam with a conventional sewing machine straight
stitch. The Pressure Adjusting Dial makes it simple to sew on all weights of
fabrics. The Five-Thread Safety Stitch can have a width of 2.8mm or 5.6mm
depending on which overlock needle position is chosen.

Five-Thread Safety Stitch Narrow page 1

Hint: Try a wider stitch width (6.5)
for thicker fabrics such as Terrycloth.

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