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Five-Thread Safety Stitch Narrow page 6

Disengage Spreader. The Upper Looper has a hole for the thread on the top of the

looper. If the stitch requires that the looper be engaged, but not threaded then the
Spreader is used. The Spreader simply plugs-in (or closes) the looper’s hole. The
Spreader is disengaged when the Upper Looper is engaged/operative and threaded.
The Spreader is usually used with a stitch that requires only one looper thread. With
the help of the Spreader the single looper thread wraps around the fabric’s edge.

1. Lower the white handle on the Spreader to open the eye of the Upper

Thread Upper Looper with regular overlock

thread .

1. Raise the Presser Foot to release the

tension disks. Thread the Lower
Looper as illustrated 1-9.

2. Pass thread from back to the

front through the thread
guide .

Spreader Engaged Spreader Disengaged

Eye of Looper

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