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Kofax Front-Office Server Installation Guide

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To implement NLB, the following must be true of each Kofax Front-Office Server node:


All nodes share the same scan jobs and inbox folders.


All nodes share the same database.


Each node must use a static IP address.


Each node’s network adapter must have a unique adapter GUID. If you are using VM
images, see

NLB Using VM Images

for instructions.

To create an NLB cluster, start the Network Load Balancing Manger: open nlbmgr from Start |
Run, type it in the Command Prompt window, or select it from the Control Panel’s Administrative


When setting up the cluster Port Rules, you must select the default Affinity setting of


NLB Using VM Images

When using VMWare virtual machines (VMs) that were cloned or copied from the same image,
the GUIDs of the network adapters would be the same. To set up NLB, however, each adapter
must have a unique GUID. To make sure that each VM network adapter has a unique GUID,
follow these instructions:

X To change the network adapter GUID for VMs


On one of the VMs, go to Device Manager. Right-click My Computer, select Properties,
select the Hardware tab and click the Device Manager button.


Expand Network Adapters, and right-click the Network adapter that you will add to the
NLB configuration.


Select Uninstall. The network interface card (NIC) is uninstalled.


Right click the server name at the top of the Device Manager list and select “Scan for
hardware changes”. Wait for a moment: The NIC is installed and assigned a new GUID.


Exit Device Manager.


Verify or reconfigure the TCP/IP connection properties.


Repeat this process on each VM in the cluster.


If you have clustered storage in a highly available environment, you can use Microsoft

Cluster Server to create file shares accessible through a UNC path and then specify that path in the file.

Specifying the ProxyServer Value

Once your NLB cluster is configured, you need to specify the cluster information as the
ProxyServer value in a configuration file. This will identify the cluster as the host address URL for
connection to the Kofax Front-Office Server applications.

X To specify the ProxyServer value


In the \conf folder, locate the file and open it in a text editor.


In the ProxyServer property, type the host name or IP address of the NLB cluster.


Save the file.

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