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Kofax Front-Office Server Installation Guide

Kofax, Inc.


If you need to contact Kofax Technical Support, please have the following information available:


Kofax Front-Office Server software version and build number


Operating system and service pack version


MFP or scanner make and model


Kofax Document Scan Server version


Destination type name, version, and configuration


Special/custom configuration or integration information


Kofax Front-Office Server enables documents from a variety of sources, including multifunction
peripherals (MFPs), to be delivered to content management systems, email servers, and other
destinations. You can install Kofax Front-Office Server on a single server or in a load-balanced
cluster of multiple servers for maximum scalability and availability. See

Scaling and High

Availability Options

for more information.

Types of Kofax Front-Office Server Configurations

You can install Kofax Front-Office Server in the following configurations:


Departmental: Install Kofax Front-Office Server on a single computer using the embedded


Enterprise: Install Kofax Front-Office Server on one computer or several computers in a
load-balanced cluster with a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database.

Table 1 shows which configuration you would use for the type of Kofax Front-Office Server
system you want to set up.

Scaling and High Availability Options

You can implement a variety of Enterprise options that will provide scalability and high
availability. With an Enterprise installation, there are many load balancing options available. This

section describes two possible options:


Kofax IIS Components for Kofax Front-Office Server, which integrate the JK load balancer

with IIS (this is the recommended option).


Microsoft Windows Network Load Balancer (NLB)

Table 1. When to Use Different Configurations

Type of System

Recommended Configuration

Evaluation or training system


Small Departmental system when an external database is not available


Any size system with an external database


A single-computer system with the option for expansion


A load-balanced clustered system


Use IIS as a Web server and load balancer


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