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Kofax Front-Office Server Installation Guide

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Figure 7. Kofax Front-Office Server Export Migration Introduction Screen


If you have not shut down the cluster, you are prompted to do so. Stop the cluster, and
click OK to continue with the export.


Enter the connection information for the database. Make sure that the server where the
database is located is online and the network connection works. Click Next.


Enter the user name and password to connect to the database. Click Next. The export
verifies the database connection.


Select the folder and the name of the export file. Note the following:


The folder should be writable and accessible to the server with the new version of
Kofax Front-Office Server.


If you specify an export file that already exists, it is overwritten and any data in it is

Click Next.


Review the pre-export summary, which lists the path and name of the export file. To start,
click Export.


Do not close the window until the export is complete. Interrupting the export can

make the data unusable for import.


The window indicates when the export is finished. Click Done to close the window.

Importing Data into the New Installation

X To import the data into the new installation of Kofax Front-Office Server


Log on to any server where the new version of Kofax Front-Office Server is installed as a
user with administrator rights to the local computer.


Insert the Kofax Front-Office Server installation media into your drive.


In the MigrationUtility folder, run ImportMigration.exe. The Import Migration window
appears as shown in Figure 8. Click Next to continue.

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