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Kofax Front-Office Server Installation Guide


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Other Configuration Tasks

Refer to the Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide for instructions for modifying properties
files and making other configuration changes.

Stopping and Restarting Kofax Front-Office Server

You may need to stop and restart Kofax Front-Office Server when changing configuration files or
for routine maintenance. The process depends on which application server and configuration you

Kofax Front-Office Server is installed as a Windows service named KofaxServer. You can start and
stop the service when needed from the Services console. Let all currently running workflow
processes finish before stopping the KofaxServer service.


If you are using 32-bit Microsoft Windows, an icon on the taskbar displays the status of Kofax

Front-Office Server.You can stop and start KofaxServer service by right-clicking the status icon

instead of using the Services console.

Using the Kofax Front-Office Server Status Icon

If you are using the 32-bit version of Microsoft Windows, a status icon appears in the notification
area on the right side of the task bar to indicate the status of Kofax Front-Office Server. This icon
does not appear in the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows.

Right-click the status icon to display a menu of commands:


Starts Kofax Front-Office Server after it has been stopped.


Stops Kofax Front-Office Server if it is running.


Removes the Kofax Front-Office Server icon from the notification area, but does not affect
the operation of Kofax Front-Office Server.


To display the icon again after removing it with the Exit command, select Start |

Programs | Kofax | Kofax Server Monitor.

Table 7. Kofax Front-Office Server Icon (For 32-Bit Windows Only)



Green (bottom) light: Server is running

Red (top) light: the Server is stopped

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