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Kofax Front-Office Server Installation Guide

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Documents in a Queue

Documents in a queue are handled as follows during an upgrade or migrating:


If the queue is on a separate local shared drive, the documents are moved to a subdirectory
of the Inbox folder on the new computer.


If the queue is on an external shared drive, the documents are used by the computer, but

the original CDI files are moved into a folder named backup. If you want to revert to using

the former computer, copy the backed up CDI files to their original location.

Workflow Processes

Make sure that all workflow processes are in completed state before upgrading. Paused and
terminated workflows must be processed before an upgrade, because the pause and resume
options have been discontinued to support clustering in Kofax Front-Office Server 2.7.

Workflow processes that are in failed state cannot be restarted after an upgrade. If you attempt to
restart a failed workflow process after an upgrade, the following error occurs:

KAC 20004 - Cannot process the request at server “localhost.” The reported

error is “Internal data processing error: ‘Cannot find the definition, ID =

‘mfpRelease@3.00.10’, in database’”.

Backing up before Upgrading

Before upgrading Kofax Front-Office Server, do the following:


Back up your data and settings.


Save custom workflows to reinstall after the upgrade.


Make sure that all scan jobs from the MFP and other inputs have been sent to the server.
Any scan jobs that have not arrived at the server are lost during the upgrade.


If you have Kofax Fax Connector installed with Kofax Front-Office Server, see the Kofax
Fax Connector Installation Guide
before you install the Kofax Front-Office Server upgrade.

Backing Up during an In-Place Upgrade
During an in-place upgrade of a Departmental configuration, the installer backs up folders and
data in case an error prevents the upgrade from completing. The installer can then use the backup
to roll back to your previous configuration.

Even though the installer performs this automatic backup, you should still back up your data and
settings manually in case a failed upgrade cannot be rolled back. Refer to the Kofax Front-Office
Server Administrator’s Guide
for instructions.

The installer backs up the following folders automatically during the upgrade:




DES, except DES and EmailWatcher






Install Logs



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