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Kofax Front-Office Server Installation Guide

Kofax, Inc.


Upgrade Notes for Shortcuts

Some global and personal shortcuts may need to be deleted and recreated after upgrading.
Global shortcuts created for Ascent Capture are upgraded for Kofax Capture. After the upgrade,
you need to redeploy the profiles for the global shortcuts in order for the shortcuts to work from

the MFPs.

Upgrade Notes for Destinations

Notes for Kofax Capture

Any user account in Kofax Capture, that has a corresponding external user account in Kofax
Front-Office Server, needs to be linked in Kofax Capture for your Active Directory or directory
service. Without the appropriately linked user account in Kofax Capture, the corresponding
external user in Kofax Front-Office Server will be unable to release documents to Kofax Capture.

Installing a New System

Follow the instructions in this section to install a new Kofax Front-Office Server system for a
Departmental or Enterprise configuration. Before starting the installation, you must log on as
shown in

Log On Requirements

. The Active Directory on the domain you used to log on is

automatically connected to your new Kofax Front-Office Server installation.

Refer to

Upgrading Existing Systems

for information about upgrading an existing Kofax Front-

Office Server system.

Installing a Departmental Configuration

Run the installer to install Kofax Front-Office Server and all necessary components on your
Departmental server. If there is a previous version of Kofax Front-Office Server that can be
upgraded, you are prompted to upgrade it. Refer to

Upgrading Existing Systems

for instructions.


Do not run the installer from a UNC path.

X To install a Departmental configuration


Insert the Kofax Front-Office Server installation media into your drive.


Run setup.exe, which is in the root of the Kofax Front-Office Server installation media.


The setup program detects a 32-bit or 64-bit computer and starts the correct



You are prompted to confirm that the necessary ports are open. Refer to



for more information. If the ports are available for Kofax Front-Office

Server, click OK to continue the installation.


The introduction screen appears (Figure 5). Click Next.

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