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Kofax Front-Office Server Installation Guide


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Support for User Account Control (UAC)

Kofax Front-Office Server 2.7 supports User Account Control (UAC) on Windows Server 2008. If
you are using Kofax Front-Office Server in an enterprise configuration, you need to use a
Windows user account with administrator rights to start the KofaxServer service. This user
account must also have full access to the folder used for the Kofax Front-Office Server shared
folder. Refer to the Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide for information about changing
the user account for the KofaxServer service.

The user account for the KofaxServer service does not need to be changed for UAC if Kofax Front-
Office Server is installed in a Departmental configuration.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

The server must meet the following minimum hardware requirements. Production servers should
exceed these requirements.


2 GHz Pentium 4 or compatible microprocessor




100/1000 Mbps network card (10 Mbps not supported)

Hard Drive Space Requirements

Make sure that there is sufficient space on the hard drive for the database. A minimum of 25 GB is
recommended as an initial amount of free hard drive space. Additional space will be needed as
the database grows. Refer to the Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide for information
about configuring Kofax Front-Office Server to allow sufficient free drive space.

Host Name

The computer’s host name should not exceed 15 characters, which is a requirement for the
embedded database installation. If you cannot modify the host name to meet this requirement,
install Kofax Front-Office Server on another computer.

The host name of a computer should not be changed after Kofax Front-Office Server has been
installed. Changing the host name may cause problems with licensing and connecting to MFPs.
You can restore licensing by changing the host name back to the one you used when you licensed
Kofax Front-Office Server.

The host name of an MFP also should not be changed after it has been added to Kofax Front-Office
Server. The Administration Console does not recognize that the MFP’s host name has changed,
but instead recognizes it as a different device. If you add the device with the new host name, the

Administration Console will have two records for the same device.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 with Microsoft Cluster Services – 64-bit


Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) 10g – 32-bit


Oracle RAC 10g – 64-bit



Table 4. Databases Supported in an Enterprise Configuration (Cluster)




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