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Kofax Front-Office Server Installation Guide

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You need to specify a path to the same folder on each server in the cluster.


Select the database that you are connecting to and then click Next.


Enter the connection information for the database. For more information, refer to

Database Information for the Enterprise Configuration

. Click Next.


Enter the user name and password of a user in the database that Kofax Front-Office Server
can use for authentication. Click Next. The Installer verifies the connection with the


Type the user name and password for the initial Kofax Front-Office Server administrator.
Use this user account to log on to the Administration Console for the first time. The user
name and password must meet the following rules:


User names must be unique on the server.


User names are case-insensitive, cannot include spaces, and the following characters
are not permitted: ~ # % * \ ; / : & ? . ' , " ` $ < + >


Passwords are case-sensitive and can include spaces, but not at the beginning or end.
There can be no repeating spaces.


The password for the initial administrator cannot include the following characters that
are prohibited by the database: & $ < ' > \ * / "

You can create additional administrators by assigning the Administrator role to other
users in the Administration Console.
Click Next to continue.


Specify the Windows user account to be used for the Kofax Front-Office Server service.
Enter the user name and password.
The Windows user account must have read/write access to the shared folder that you
specified in step 9. If you are creating a new shared folder, the user account is granted
access automatically. If you are using an existing shared folder, you must add read/write
access to the user account manually.
When you have entered the user name and password, click Next.


Review the pre-installation summary (Figure 6). To start the installation, click Install.
Note the following while the installer is running:


Do not close the installer window until the installation is complete. Interrupting the
installation can leave the installation in an unrecoverable state.


If you are installing on the 64-bit version of Windows, the installation of Bonjour is not
a silent installation. You will be prompted to complete the Bonjour installation screens.


A screen indicates when the installation is finished. Click Finish to close the installer.

Installing on Additional Servers in a Cluster

Follow this procedure if you are installing Kofax Front-Office Server on additional servers in the
cluster. Make sure you set up load balancing among the servers in the cluster.


Do not run the installer from a UNC path.

X To install an Enterprise configuration on additional servers in a cluster


Insert the Kofax Front-Office Server installation media into your drive.

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