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Kofax Front-Office Server Installation Guide


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Handling Disconnected User Accounts and Profiles
If a user role is removed from an Active Directory user (either as an individual user or a member
of a group), that user no longer has access to Kofax Front-Office Server, but that user’s profiles,

documents, and shortcuts remain on the server. If you upgrade or migrate, the following happens
to the data of these disconnected users:


Disconnected user accounts are not upgraded or migrated to the new Kofax Front-Office

Server version.


For an upgrade or migration from version 2.0, their user profiles, including folder
configurations and personal shortcuts, are deleted.


Inbox documents remain on the original computer, and you can import them into new
profiles later by uploading them in the Web Client.

If you assign the user to a role before upgrading or migrating, the user account and associated
data is migrated.

Internet Connection Requirement

Make sure that the computer where you are upgrading Kofax Front-Office Server is connected to
the Internet. One of the configuration files requires a remote schema for validation.

Role-Based Permissions for Web Client Activities

Users may no longer have permission to do certain activities in the Web Client, such as scanning
with WebScan. To allow access to the appropriate activities, edit user roles in the Administration
Console and associate the appropriate permissions. For details, see the Administration Console

Services Running before Upgrading

Make sure that the PostgreSQL Database Server, which is used by Kofax Front-Office Server, is

running before you perform the upgrade. For an upgrade from version 2.0, the OpenLDAP-slapd
must be running as well. If one of those services is shut down early during the upgrade, the

installer may be unable to roll back the installation to the previous state.

Authentication from Directory Services after Upgrades

If you use a directory service, this version of Kofax Front-Office Server uses the sAMAccount
name for authentication. The common name is no longer used, and there is no way to configure
authentication using common name. Refer to the Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide for
information about connecting to directory services.

Inbox Documents

We recommend that users release all of their documents in their inbox before you upgrade Kofax
Front-Office Server.

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