Upgrade notes for mfps, Preparation for upgrades, Upgrading the client software for other mfps – Kofax Front-Office Server 3.0 User Manual

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Kofax Front-Office Server Installation Guide


Kofax, Inc.

The following are also backed up or exported:




Registry (Web Client entries only)



VRS and JRE are not backed up and cannot be rolled back.


The backup may require large amounts of disk space. When the upgrade has been

completed successfully, you have the option of deleting some or all of your backup files.

Saving Custom Workflows
Custom workflows are not upgraded. During the upgrade, workflows are exported from the
database as part of the backup. The exported workflows are saved in the backup folder you
specify in the installer in a workflow folder. Use the exported workflow files if you do not have
the original .wfd files.

After performing the upgrade, deploy the custom workflow on the server with the Administration
Console. Refer to the Administration Console Help for more information.

Restarting Kofax Front-Office Server after a Rollback
After rolling back a failed Kofax Front-Office Server upgrade, you may need to do the following to
restore normal operation:


Restart the KofaxServer service and any other services used by Kofax Front-Office Server.


Clear the browser’s cache.

Upgrade Notes for MFPs

Preparation for Upgrades

Before upgrading a Kofax Front-Office Server with attached MFPs, make sure that all scan jobs
from the MFPs have been sent to the server. Any scan jobs that have not arrived at the server are
lost during the upgrade.

Upgrading the Kofax Front-Office Server Application for Fujitsu

The Kofax Front-Office Server application for the Fujitsu fi-6000NS network scanner must be
upgraded in order to use it with Kofax Front-Office Server 2.7. If the application is not upgraded,
the device will not connect with Kofax Front-Office Server 2.7. Refer to the Kofax Front-Office
Server Administrator’s Guide for Fujitsu Network Scanners for instructions on removing and
installing the Kofax Front-Office Server application.

Upgrading the Client Software for Other MFPs

Upgrading the MFP client software is optional for the other MFPs. For these devices, Kofax Front-
Office Server is backward-compatible with earlier versions of MFP client software. If there are
new features of the MFP client software that you want to use, uninstall the current version of the
client software, install or deploy the new client software, and redeploy your profiles from the

Administration Console.

Refer to the Kofax Front-Office Server administrator’s guide for your MFP for instructions on
installing client software.

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