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Kofax Front-Office Server Installation Guide


Kofax, Inc.

The C:\Program Files (x86) folder is still required for some components of Kofax Front-Office
Server. To support these components, the installer does the following:


Bonjour is installed in both C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86). A Bonjour

subfolder is created in each folder.


VRS and PostgreSQL are installed in C:\Program Files (x86). The PostgreSQL database is
installed on the C drive even if Kofax Front-Office Server is installed on another local

drive. There must be sufficient space on the C drive to accommodate the database. Refer to

Requirement for Free Hard Drive Space

for more information.


All other files are installed in the installation path you specified.

Preparing for Upgrades

This section provides information to identify which upgrade you need to perform and any
information you need before upgrading.

Types of Upgrades

Kofax Front-Office Server provides two ways to upgrade to version 2.7:


In-place upgrade: The current version of Kofax Front-Office Server is upgraded to the new
version and the data is automatically migrated to the new version.


Migration: You need to perform a new installation of Kofax Front-Office Server and then
migrate the data from the old system to the new one.

Supported Upgrades

Table 5 shows in-place and migration upgrades that are supported in Kofax Front-Office Server

Table 5. Supported In-Place and Migration Upgrades

Source Configuration

Target Configuration

Kofax Front-Office Server 2.7


Kofax Front-Office Server 2.7

Enterprise with Oracle

Version 2.5 with the embedded database

In-Place Upgrade

Version 2.5 with a WebLogic and Oracle


Version 2.0 with the embedded database

In-Place Upgrade

Version 2.0 with a WebLogic and Oracle


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