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Kofax Front-Office Server Installation Guide

Kofax, Inc.


which type of upgrade is needed.) Follow the upgrade procedure that applies to the upgrade you

Performing an In-Place Upgrade

Run the installer to upgrade Kofax Front-Office Server. You must log on as a user with

administrator rights to the local computer to upgrade Kofax Front-Office Server.


Do not run the installer from a UNC path.

X To perform an in-place upgrade


Insert the Kofax Front-Office Server installation media into your drive.


Run setup.exe, which is in the root of the Kofax Front-Office Server installation media.


The setup program detects a 32-bit or 64-bit computer and starts the correct



The installer indicates that an existing version of Kofax Front-Office Server is on the
computer, and it can be upgraded. Click Next to continue.


The introduction screen appears. Click Next.


If you have VRS installed on your computer that is not part of a previous Kofax Front-
Office Server installation, you have the option to upgrade it and clean up any leftover
files. Click OK to do this.


Review the Kofax Front-Office Server license agreement and select “I accept the terms of
the License Agreement” to continue with the installation. Click Next to continue.


Select the folder that the installer uses for its backup. Use the default folder or change it by
clicking Choose and selecting the path from the window that appears. The path must be
on a local drive and have a maximum of 65 characters. If you want to switch back to the
default folder, click Restore Default Folder. When you have selected the folder, click Next.


Review the installation settings. To start the upgrade, click Install. The installer begins the
upgrade and indicates the status. When it is finished, it indicates whether the upgrade
was successful. Click Next.


Do not close the installer window until the upgrade is complete. Interrupting

the installation can leave the installation in an unrecoverable state.


If the upgrade is successful, you have the option of deleting the files that were backed up
during the upgrade. Select the option if you want to delete the backup files and click Next.

Upgrading by Migrating

To migrate to a new version of Kofax Front-Office Server, perform a new installation as shown in

Installing a New System

. Then, do the following:


On a managed server of your existing Kofax Front-Office Server cluster, export the



On any server of your new Kofax Front-Office Server, import the information into the new
Kofax Front-Office Server installation.

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