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Kofax Front-Office Server Installation Guide


Kofax, Inc.

Directory server. Depending on the type of installation you are using, you need to log on with the
following user account to enable Kofax Front-Office Server to connect to Active Directory


For an Enterprise installation, log on as a domain user.


For a Departmental installation, log on as a local or domain user. To connect to the Active
Directory, select Local System or a domain user when prompted for a user account to run

the Kofax Front-Office Server service.

Network Configuration Requirements

Destination types and Kofax Document Scan Server devices need to be on the same network as
Kofax Front-Office Server with routable addresses from the server.

Kofax Front-Office Server uses the IP address of the first network connection listed in the
connection order. If there are multiple network cards in the server, you may need to change the
order of network connections so that the connection used by MFPs and destination types is first.
Refer to the Microsoft Windows Server documentation for instructions on changing the
connection order.

Installing on a Local Drive

Kofax Front-Office Server must be installed on a local drive, which can be any drive letter. Do not
install Kofax Front-Office Server on a network drive, including a mapped drive.

Requirement for Free Hard Drive Space

Make sure that there is sufficient space on the hard drive for the database. A minimum of 25 GB is
recommended as an initial amount of free hard drive space for the database. Additional space will
be needed as the database grows. You can manage the database size by periodically purging old
records. Kofax Front-Office Server can also block database requests if the free drive space reaches
a specified threshold. For information about freeing hard drive space, refer to the Kofax Front-
Office Server Administrator’s Guide

Registry Access

Kofax Front-Office Server needs to modify the Registry during installation. If you are using
software that restricts changes to the Registry, turn it off while installing Kofax Front-Office

Restarting the Server

Do not restart the server manually while the installation program is running. Restarting the server
will cause the installation to fail.

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