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Kofax Front-Office Server Installation Guide


Kofax, Inc.


Stop and restart Kofax Front-Office Server.

Adding Kofax Front-Office Server Nodes to an NLB Cluster

You can add additional Kofax Front-Office Server nodes to an existing NLB cluster at any time.

X To add a new node


Install Kofax Front-Office Server on the new node, following the instructions in


on Additional Servers in a Cluster



In NLB Manager, add the new node as a new host to the NLB cluster.

Removing Kofax Front-Office Server Nodes from an NLB Cluster

To remove a node, delete the host from the NLB cluster first to ensure outgoing requests to the
server are stopped. Then, use the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs to remove Kofax Front-
Office Server from the node.

System Requirements

The server and client workstations used for Kofax Front-Office Server must meet the system
requirements described in this section. These requirements will be updated on the Kofax Web site
as new configurations are supported. Refer to the Web site for the latest information.

Server Requirements

Kofax Front-Office Server must be installed on a server that meets the requirements in this section.

Supported Operating Systems

Table 2 shows the operating systems supported for use with Kofax Front-Office Server. Note the


This list represents the minimum requirement for each operating system family and
edition. This list does not specify each version and service pack available, only the

minimum requirement.


If you are installing Kofax Front-Office Server on a server where Kofax Capture is
installed, make sure that the server’s operating system also supports Kofax Front-Office


Microsoft Cluster Services is supported in all operating systems, but certified with

Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition (32 and 64-Bit) with Service Pack 2


Although not explicitly tested, Kofax offers technical support for the indicated operating
systems. Operating systems marked as certified represent those which have been explicitly
tested with Kofax Front-Office Server functionality.

Table 2. Operating Systems Supported by Kofax Front-Office Server

Operating System



Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 1



Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64 Edition (64-Bit) with Service Pack 1



Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition with Service Pack 1


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