Intek RheoVac 950A User Manual

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B. Distribution Box (see Figure 7)

1. Connect the RS-485 wires (blue, white and shield) and 24Vdc power (red and black)

from the main processor unit to screw terminal, JP1.

2. Install ½” liquid-tight conduit between the distribution enclosure and the probes unless

½” rigid conduit is used for long distance runs. Use a minimum of 6 feet of liquid-tight
conduit at the probes.

3. The probe connector comes with an adapter which allows the attachment of the ½”

flexible conduit connector.

4. Connect the probes to the distribution enclosure using the manufacturer supplied four

conductor shielded cable to any screw terminals labeled JP3 to JP6. Probe cable
connections are shown in Figure 7.

5. For multiple distribution box configurations, screw terminal JP2 will be used to wire

the manufacturer supplied four conductor shielded cable to screw terminal JP1 on the
next distribution box in series.

6. Optional — Connect the transmitter box to the distribution box using a RS-485 cable.
7. If no additional distribution boxes are used, ensure the outgoing termination resistor

(JP7 or JP8) is enabled.

Figure 7 Distribution Box

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