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Appendix C – Optional Features for RheoVac Model 950

Wireless Interface for RheoVac Model 950


The wireless option for the RheoVac Model 950 consists of a high powered 802.11 b/g USB interface
antenna connected to the main electronics and a handheld user interface (HUI). With this option installed,
users will be able to view real time and graphed measurements from the RheoVac probe on the HUI as
they move around the plant within the transmission range. The following sections explain the basic
operation procedures for the HUI, how to set up the wireless connection and view the data.



The HUI interface relies mostly on the touch screen capability. It has 3
buttons to perform various tasks that are outlined below. All other
functionality, that is not outlined here, will make use of the touch screen.


The three HUI buttons (Figure C1.1)

1. On/Off/Lock Button

a. While

off, hold this button (1 sec) to turn HUI on.

b. While

on, hold this button (3 sec) and slide the bar to turn

off (Figure C1.2).

c. While

on, press this button once to lock the HUI.

Figure C1.1: Handheld

User Interface

d. While locked, press this button once and slide the bar to

unlock (Figure C1.2).

2. Home Button

a. Pressing this button will take the user back to the home screen (Figure C1.2).
b. While locked, press this button once and slide the bar to unlock (Figure C1.2).

3. Volume Toggle – it is used to control volume in audio applications

Figure C1.2: Common HUI Screens


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