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RheoVac technology provides direct measurement of all necessary properties of the gases, in the
condenser exhauster line, to give an accurate determination of air in-leakage and condenser
performance related parameters. The RheoVac instrument is a part of Intek's services that
provide the power industry with the most advantageous and complete measurement and
diagnostic tools for condenser systems. Other measurement instruments offered by Intek include
circulating water flow and fouling meters, flow meters, flow switches, condenser shell pressure
and temperature sensors.

the RheoVac



*USPNs 4,255,648; 5,485,754; 5,752,411; 6,526,755

A model 950 RheoVac system consists of single or multiple probes reporting to a central signal
conditioner and processor unit. The sensing probes, consisting of multiple sensors, are installed
in the vacuum line between the condenser and the exhauster. The sensor assembly employs the
patented Rheotherm


technology to provide an accurate mass flow measurement. Additionally,

temperature, pressure and water vapor relative saturation measurements are made using high
accuracy platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTD), strain gauge pressure sensor and
specially configured and calibrated water vapor saturation sensor.

Figure 1 RheoVac Model 950

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