Intek RheoVac 950A User Manual

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Charging the HUI

A USB cable supplied with the HUI is used for charging and data transfer. The HUI can be charged from
any computer with a USB port. The HUI can also be charged from the RheoVac Model 950 electronics,
as shown in Figure C1.3.

Figure C1.3: Charging the HUI with the RheoVac Model 950


Using the Touch Screen on the HUI

1. Application selection: This is done by pressing an icon as though it were a button (Figure

C1.2 right-most image).

2. Moving the screen: Placing a finger on the screen and dragging the finger moves the screen

around. This is used to scroll through the applications, move screens around for full
visibility, and browsing pages or documents that cannot be fully displayed on the HUI screen.

3. Zoom in/out: To zoom in, place two fingers on the touch screen and spread them apart. To

zoom out, place two fingers on the screen and bring the fingers together.

4. Portrait/landscape view: The HUI can detect whether the screen is right side up or tuned 90°

and will rotate the viewing screen accordingly. To rotate the screen, simply rotate the HUI



The wireless antenna is a high powered 802.11 b/g protocol device. It connects to any of the available
USB ports on the main electronics as seen in Figure C1.4. This type of antenna is direction sensitive.
The typical signal strength and direction is illustrated in Figure C1.5.


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