Intek RheoVac 950A User Manual

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January 29, 2007

This screen can be divided into four parts:


The Chart (or charts)


The X-Axis Controls


The Legend


The User Menu

These four parts work together in the following ways: As soon as the software is opened and valid
communication is established, the data collected for each probe is plotted on the chart(s). The
newest data points are displayed on the right of the chart and push older data points to the left, much
like many old-style strip chart recorders.

The horizontal scroll bar immediately below the chart(s) can be used to select which data points (i.e.,
data from a specific timestamp) from the chart are displayed on the legend below. Data points can
be selected either by clicking-and-dragging the scroll bar pointer or by simply single-clicking a spot
on the scroll bar.

The four buttons below and to the left of the scroll bar labeled 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hour, and 4 hour
can be used to quickly set the x-axis range of the chart(s) and the scroll bar. When using these
buttons keep in mind that the maximum x-axis value is always used as a reference and only the
minimum displayed x-axis value will be changed. You can also change both the minimum and
maximum x-axis value by double-clicking them with your mouse and entering a new value with
your keyboard. Changing the range of the chart (X or Y axis) changes only the data that is displayed
and does not delete or alter the data in any way.

The blue block (time/date) to the right of the 4 hour button displays the timestamp for the data point
currently being pointed to by the horizontal scroll bar. If the scroll bar is in the right-most position,
this value will automatically update when new data is received from the connected instrument.

The legend at the bottom of the screen displays the value of the data being pointed to by the scroll
bar and also is used to control where each data parameter is plotted. To access this feature single-
click on any parameter in the legend. Two things will happen. First, the background color of the
selected parameter will change in the legend, and second, the parameter will disappear from the
chart if you are in single-chart mode or jump from one chart to the other if you are in dual-chart

Single-chart and dual-chart modes are the first two selections available in the chart user menu. Also
available in the chart menu are selections to choose between manual and auto scaling for the y-axis
and to reset the maximum x-axis value to the most recently collected data point.

The legend menu is used to select which parameter or which probe is displayed. If a parameter is
chosen from this menu, that parameter will be displayed for all probes connected to the instrument.
If a probe is selected, then all parameters for that probe will be displayed.

The archive menu is used to set the rate that data will be archived to the hard disk of the computer
on which the user has installed the User Interface Software. These selections have no effect on the
data that is stored every minute on the hard disk of the RheoVac instrument itself. Data archived