Intek RheoVac 950A User Manual

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The RheoVac system is calibrated, compensated, and linearized for a wide range of flowing
media temperatures, pressures, and water vapor contents. However, abrupt changes in these
parameters can cause the instrument to temporarily read the flow rate improperly, which could
lead to transient spikes in the flow indication. In particular, if liquid (water) hits the probe tips,
there will be high flow indications until all the water vaporizes. If liquid (water) is present for
extended periods, the performance of the instrument will be compromised or the sensors can be



Verify wiring from SECTION 2.3 is correct. With all power off, place the power OFF/ON
switch, SW1 on printed wiring board #01011-5, to “ON.” Close the main processor enclosure
lid. While watching the main processor display, apply power to the instrument. After about
twenty seconds the display should initialize to “Health Check in Progress” followed by
additional initialization status messages. Within two minutes the display should indicate “Air In-

Be sure to power up your RheoVac instrument system and probe(s) for at least 30 minutes before
inserting probes into the vent line hot taps. DO NOT leave probe in vent line without power or
when flooding the condenser. (See SECTION 1.5 for precautions and recommendations.)



Warranty Registration Instructions

Intek’s warranty program is stated at the front of the manual. To validate warranty:

1. Locate portable USB Data Storage Device in the main electronics enclosure (see Figure


2. Grasp bracket and carefully remove portable USB Data Storage Device.
3. E-mail all RheoVac instrument data to [email protected] or upload to

4. Replace portable USB Data Storage Device in the main electronics enclosure.

CAUTION - Do not attempt to use non-Intek approved USB flash drives with the RheoVac
instrument. Your RheoVac instrument may not have the proper drivers installed for other USB
flash drives. This may cause the RheoVac instrument to lock-up and require service.


The RheoVac 950 has a 2x20 alphanumeric scroll-through display that shows seven parameters
for each probe. The display shows Air In-leakage, W/A Mass Ratio, Total Mass Flow,
Temperature, Pressure, Relative Saturation, or Actual Volume Flow (as well as Time/Date,
Software Version, or Serial Number). To change the displayed parameter, press the Scroll Up or
Down arrows. The display units can be changed from English or Metric units by pressing the
Units button.

If the Model 950 has two or three probes the display will show two or three serial numbers at a
time, one for each probe. The numbers will be in order, from the lowest serial number to the
highest, reading from left to right on the display. Example: 02611-1, 02611-2 and 02611-3.