Intek RheoVac 950A User Manual

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Intek manufactures RheoVac condenser and air in-leak monitor Rheotherm circulating water
flow and fouling meters, flow meters, flow switches, as well as, temperature sensors and pressure
probes. These specialty instruments for the power industry provide continuous monitoring of
critical parameters that have historically been unavailable or inadequately measured since steam
surface condensers were introduced.

The data from these instruments have been used to gain a unique comprehensive understanding
of steam surface condensers and the condensation process. This understanding has enabled us to
help customers troubleshoot condensers with greater speed and accuracy than ever before. We
have expanded our service offerings by developing an online diagnostic toolkit for steam surface
condensers, available at


We have also taken advantage of our aerospace design tools and design expertise for the purpose
of designing condenser retrofits for performance and condensate chemistry improvement. Intek
has lead condenser retrofitting projects that have transformed underperforming condensers into
some of the best performing condensers in the world.

The condenser services team under Dr. Joseph Harpster’s leadership has also sought to educate
the industry by contributing volumes of material to ASME and EPRI regarding proper condenser
measurement and steam flow dynamics. Intek also teaches a semiannual Condenser Operations
and Management Workshop accredited by The Ohio State University for Continuing Education
Credit. Tutorials and case studies are also available at


Intek is The Gateway to Improved Condenser Performance, Fast Response Maintenance
and Optimized Operations. Thank you for your interest in Intek's Power Industry
Instruments and Services.

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