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Page 32: Keeping seams straight

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Sewing a seam

You can sew seams easliy and accurately

I when you follow the suggestions below.

i Placing fabric under foot

I Most fabrics can be placed under the foot by
: raising thè presser foot lifter (1) to Its normal

? "Up” position (2), where It locks In place,


When using bulky fabric, multiple fabric layers

: or an embroidery hoop, raise the lifter to^the

i high rise position (3), thus increasing the space
I between the foot and the needle plate

! • lower presser foot lifter all the way down and


you are ready to sew.


Pin basting and hand basting are easy ways

to make temporary seams before machine


• To pin baste, insert pins at stitching line

NEVER place pins on the underside of fabric
In contact with the feed. Do not sew over
pins; pull them out as you stitch.

• To hand baste, make long stitches that can

be easily removed.

Keeping seams straight

To keep seams straight, use one of the

guidelines on the needle plate.

• The most commonly used line (1), the 5/8 Inch

(1.6 cm) seam allowance, Is extended onto
the slide plata


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