Winding a bobbin – SINGER 5805 User Manual

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Winding a bobbin

Winding a bobbin is quick and easy when you follow the directions below. Always wind the bcbbln

before threading the machine and needle.

• Push in indent (1) on hand wheel disc. This will stop the needle from moving.

• Place spool of thread on spool pin.

• Slide spool cap (2) firmly over rim of spool to prevent thread tangling.

• Lead thread from spool and snap into thread guide post (3).

• Wind thread clockwise around front of bobbin winder tension disc (4).

• Pass thread end, from inside, through small hole In rim of bobbin.

• Place bobbin on spindle and push it to the right.

• Holding thread end, step on speed controller to run machine until desired amount of thread

Is wound. (Winding stops automatically once bobbin is full).

• Cut thread; push bobbin to the left and remove it from spindle.

® Trim thread end from top of bobbin.

® Return hand wheel disc to sewing position by pressing on side opposite Indent.


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