Bar tacks, Four-step, Buttonhole – SINGER 5805 User Manual

Page 64: Four-step buttonhole

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Bar tacks

• Bar tacks reinforce areas of strain and can

be applied to ready-made garments, as well

as to those sewn at home. Use the tree-arm
surface to avoid fabric bulk around the

needie when you apply bar tacks to pockets,
pleats and waistlines.



Your machine makes buttonholes to any size

you choose in only four, easy steps.

• You never need to move the fabric or

reposition the needle.

• Always make a practice buttonhole on a

sample of your fabric

• Be sure bobbin contains enough thread.

• When making buttonholes on hard-to-reach

areas convert machine bed to tree-arm

• Mark buttonhole position on fabric as

indicated in pattern.


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