Removing and inserting the bobbin case – SINGER W3851 User Manual

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There should be a slight tension on the thread as it

is pulled through the delivery eye and the bobbin

should unwind freely. The tension may be increased

by turning the tension screw tB) to the RIGHT and

decreased by turning the screw to the LEFT.

Fig. (C)


In the following operations the needle must always be ABOVE the surface of the machine.

Raise the needle by turning the balance wheel TOWARD YOU by hand.

Raise the hinged slide plate, with left thumb and forefinger, open the hinged latch (A) at the

front of the bobbin case and hold securely as you withdraw bobbin case from around the holder

post. When held in the above manner the bobbin will not fall out of the bobbin case.

After winding a fresh bobbin and threading the bobbin case, latch (A) with left thumb and

forefinger, to prevent the bobbin from falling out.