For fancy embroidery works, Embroidering and monogramming – SINGER W3851 User Manual

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Pattern A

1) Zigzag stitch.

Regulate the zigzag stitch dial at No. 4, the
largest zigzag width, ,and the stitch dial at
No. 5. (Fig. Pattern A)

2) Scallop stitch.

Move zigzag sutch dial Ironi 1 to 4 in a
regular manner. 'Phe stitch regulating dial


must be set to between 0 to 1. (Fig. Pattern ’


Triangular stitch.

By moving the zigzag dial rhythmical and
regular movement, this Pattern can be form­
ed. ( Fig. Pattern C)

1) S.'itin stitch.

Set the zigzag stitch dial to the widest stitch
adjust the stitch regulating dial close to 0
position. Never set on dead center because

mtiterial will not feed. (Fig. Pattern D)

Pattern C

Pattern D


I'lace the material in an embroidery hoop. Make sure th:it you choose a needle and thread suitable

for working the material to be used. Drop the feed dog, place the material underneath needle and

lower the presser foot bar. The upper tension should be decreased. /\s for the zigzag width you can

set ticcoring to your own design. After making the first stitch, pull up the lower thread through

material. Move hoop slowly and mtike certain to move it only when needle is out of fabric.

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