SINGER W3851 User Manual

Page 16

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Regulating the needle tension: Minor imperfections in

the stitch can usually be corrected by varying the

needle tension only.





To increase the tension, turn the thumb nut clockwise and to lessen the tension, turn the nut in

the opposite direction. The tension adjust from 0 to 9 in one turn, with 0 being the lightest

tension and 9 being the tightest. All adjustments should be made gradually, not abruptly, and the

required tension setting will vary with the size of thread being used. A little practice will make

instant tension adjustments possible. All adjustments should be made

while the presser foot is

down since an automatic release does not permit adjustments to be made

when the foot is up.




stitch cannot be obtained by adjusting the needle thread tension, it may be


to adjust the bobbin thread tension as explained on page 8, Fig. C.

This machine is correctly adjusted before leaving the factory and checked and readjusted before

the dealer delivers to you. A careful regulation of the tensions on this machine will assure you

of the finest seams that mechanical design will produce.