Hemming with zigzag stitches, Blindstitching – SINGER W3851 User Manual

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Use zigzag hemmer.

Regulate the stitch length at the longest and set zigzag stitch

dial just as wide as the hem made by the hemming foot.

Fold the hem edge and slide the folded hem into the hemming

foot, which is still raised.

Lower the needle into the cloth. If necessary, push the edge

of the cloth well into the roll and lower the hemming foot.

Then, start sewing.


By means of blindstitching, it is possible to sew together a folded piece of fabric or two pieces of

fabric in such a manner that the seam is not visible on right side of material.

There are two

ways of this stitching as illu.strated

(Fig A) and (Fig B).


Shows an example of blindstitching. Firstly, place the material under

the presser foot so that

the folded part runs along the right edge of the foot. A sewing part of fabric should be

folded in

a desired width, leaving a sewing

margin of nearly 3 to 4 mm.

Secondly, adjust

ZICTZAG width and arrange the needle so

as to stay at the left hand

side for ZIGZAG