Straight stitchin, Zigzag stitching, Straight stitching – SINGER W3851 User Manual

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In order to sew an ordinary manner, it is necessary to disconnect the Automatic Mechanism by

taking off the cam from the Cam Holder.

Remove zigzag stitch hinged presser foot and attach straight stitch presser foot to presser bar. It is

advisable to use straight stitch presser foot when sewing flimsy fabric such as silk, summertime

fabrics, but when sewing such as cotton dresses, other house dresses, zigzag stitch hinged presser

foot can be used.

Follow the below procedure:

a) Turn the Zigzag Regulating Dial clockwise as far as it goes.

b) Open the Lid of the Cam Holder on top of machine and remove the cam.

c) Push back the Dial to its normal position.

d) Regulate the ZigZag Stitch Dial in zero position and set the stitch length at the desired stitch



To set the machine for desired ZigZag stitch width follow the below procedure;

a) Loose the two nuts (B) at Page 15.

b) Move the zigzag stitch dial along the graduated scale until it reaches the desired width and

hold the dial by hand in this position.

c) To fix the zigzag stitch dial inthis position, tighten the nuts firmly, and commence sewing.