SINGER W3851 User Manual

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Fig- B

' r a n g i t d e

o f m a l o n o l

(B) Illustrates another way of blindstitcg.

Firstly, place the fabric under the presser foot so that the folded part runs along the right

edge of the foot. Adjust the machine so that can do a straight sewing as in an ordinary

manner. This way of blindstitching is to perform four to six straight stitches and one ZIGZAG

stitch to right in succession. By moving ZIGZAG lever, regulate the width of the ZIGZAG

stitch so that in making ZIGZAG stitch to the right, the needle just penetrates the crease of

the folding. Having completed the seam, unfold by removing the tacking and turn back. A

fine thin needle and thin thread are preferable for this work.

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