SINGER 631 User Manual

Instructions for using, Sewing machine model 631

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Instructions for Using

S I N G E R “

Sewing Machine Model 631

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Form 30-047G íRev. 176)

'I'iio SINGFH Conveifibio
CHAIN ST1TC:H ieature


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You'll deiUjht in Us ¡Kuti'ct, beautilul sütrliiiU!. In adililion to its

numerous outslandiiH! .u!v.itil<i(|es tlu’ maddne umv imoipoiatr's a
new and unique h'ature in that look stitihinq and diain sfituiiiuj can
hi' seleetivoly produeeil on tlu> s.ime maihiue.


Only SINCFR proiiui es an .uitomafie m.uhini' that in ailtiilion (o

the fonventionat totk sUtdt also sews a single 1!iiea<i diain sliti:li
wiikli tan be nsoit ior basUiH) sinims thus replathig liaint-bastintj.

This feature will release, you fioni iiine-tonsuminij work and if
reve<ils new <t,s()ec:ls so far nnri-i;xistenl in tlie overall picture of
the applications of the modmii family sewinrj maihine, (iYu deiaited
insiructions conceininq operation and application, .see page 20.)

# SINGTR lias WOHl.D’S FIR.ST Am'OMA'nc with slant neciile ami

gear drive. Seeing is easim, sewing s!niM.)UH'St evi»r. No slipjring

i>r stallimj


threading. Has built-in lliroading tliarl, haiuiy
f I o n t of neoiilc!

wiih ilouble-easy

’drop-irr' bobbin in

« SlNGIiR lias WORI.D'S ITRST At.iTOMA'nC wiih a buill-in eye-

level slitth diait, with push bulton seleelion lor wliatever lam y
stitch you want!

V\ Tradeitiark ol THE SINGER COMl>ANY






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