SINGER 631 User Manual

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RUl-I'I.ER (C:on{‘fl.)

Aftivatiiifi Parts

The ruiiliiKj blade and tlie separator blade are

of blue stool and hold the material to bo (jathered

betwoon thorn. The rnlflittg blade forms Uie yathers

or pleat.s by canyiny the fabric to the needle
according to the spacing and fullness to which the
luffler i.s ad)«sied. The separator guide is slotted to
guide .sctam edges evenly and to separate the mffle
strip from the material to which the ruffle is



0 Sot adjusting lover on Number


selting and

throw adjusting linger out of action.

0 Turn adjusting screw for amount of fullness

desired and sot .stitdi length to sitace fullness.
Turn screw ill for more fulluess; turn out for
less fullness.


# Raise needle to it.s highest point.
0 Locale ruffler on presser bar wdlli fork, arm over

needfe clamp screw. Securely -tighten both
presser bar and needle clamp screws.

THl; RUPTI.liR {Cont'd.)

I.cnglh of sewing machine stifdi also affects rulflo

fuliiu'ss. Since a given attadimcid setting pnls an

equal amount of fullness into each stitch

of its length, shortening the stitch {more stitches to

tile indi) makes ruffle fuller; lengthening the stitch

(fewer slitches to the inch) makes it less full, l-or

line, closely spaced galheving, use a .short stitch

aiui an outward adjustment of adjtisling screw, iati

deepiU', less closely spaced gathering, turn adjust­

ing screw inward and use a medium stitch lengtli.

AUaching fhdls


• Insert material to be galhcrod between blue

blades and tbrough first separator guide.

• Draw' material to bade of needle.
0 Lower presser bar and stitch.

1-abric texttire influences peiformaiico of litfllci

as well as results. Soft tabrics, cut ou crosswise;

grain, are best adaptcul for gaiiH;re.d fulls. Always

test stitdi length and ruffler seiling on a scrap of

self-fabric before proceeding with tire aclual work.



• Place strip to be gatbered between tw'o blue

bhides and tluough first separator guide,

Idace material to which full is to bo attadied

between separator blade and feed of madiine,

• Proceeri as for plain gathering.

Right sides of fabric are placed together wdieii

the scam is to fall to the inside.