SINGER 631 User Manual

Page 34

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'!'he seam guide aids in

attaining uniformity of
seam width, it provides

for stitching to be spaced at any distance between
V»" to l'/<" from the edge of the fabric.



Blind Stifdiing

Top Stitching

Decorative Stitching

Tlie attachment is used in connection with a

presser foot.

It is secured to the bed of the machine in either

of the threaded holes to the right of the needle.


To guide seam stitdiing straight and iraratlel to

the edge of the fabric, adjust the attachment for

proper .seam width. Align the gnide with the pres­
ser foot. {.Set Selector at AK, lover at 3.)

Pin seam edges and baste if necessary. Hand

basting can be eliminated on oasy-to-handle fabrics.
Place pins with the points toward the seam edge
•so itiey ni]) info the fabric at the stitching lino.
The tiinged presser foot will ride freely over the

points. Guide the fabric edges lightly against the
guide while stitching.


SHAMS (Cont'd.)

Curved scams require additional treatment in

handling. A shorter stitch will provide greater
elasticity and strengtii. Set the attachment at an
angle so that the end closcist to the needle acts

as a guide.


A simple and practical way to accent the lines

of a garment and at the same time give additional


Hither single or multiple rows of slitching can

be ccxpcitly placed along lapels and facing edges,
around coilar.s and podccts and as a hem linish,

A subtle effect may be achieved by using straight

stitching, or a decorative touch may be added by
using any of the attractive stitch patterns accom­
plished with this machine.