SINGER 631 User Manual

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Hdge basting on jackets, coats and costumes ............ - sleeve in­

serting — attadring collars ......... hems on skirts, blouses etc.;
Basting canvasses to the fronts of costumes and jackets in­

stead of sewing them with zigzag stitdres;

Sewing shrinking tucks on garments as shirts, pyjamas etc.

as well as on ready made clothes and curtains made from

fabrics which arc likely to shrink. The temporary stitdiing of

the curtains and also the final stitching can be performed on

the same madiine. Stitdiing growth tucks whidi can be open­

ed on clothes for growing driklren, as desired;

Re-sev,'ing waist and leg horns on ladies' and men's under­

wear of tricot or interlock fabrics wdien replacing elastics;

• Adjusting length and width of ladie.s' slips (shortening for

short persons, taking-in widtli (or slim persons) particularly

to matdi fashions when dresses have a certain degree of

transparency making a slip essential.

Another most distinctive feature of the diain stitch \cdiidi will

certainly be appreciated by the homeworker for artisan type

production is that the chain stitch is formed exclusively by the

needle thread thus freeing the operator from bobbin winding.

This, in turn, is a time saving factor. In addition to the above

mentioned applications tlie artisan worker wilt use the drain

stitdiing tor - -

l•irst contour stitdiing on shirt collars - - sewing on labels -

lieinming operations on neckties and umbrellas ........... in .short,

all operations where the chain stitch proves to be advanta­

geous with respect to convenience, C}uality and time.


Set .Selectors at AK and stitdi width iever at .3 remove regular throat plate and bobbin.

lii.sert chain stitdi looj) retainer into bobbin case

(lHustr<iticm 1)

Tilt latch {Illustration 2) and turn to the left against

stop (Illustration 3).

Insert chain stitdi throat plate.