SINGER 631 User Manual

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Str«i(|ht stitch setting: AK 3

riiroat plate; General purpose or straight stitch

Cording foot

Piping cord comes in a variety of sizes and, whem covered with a firmiy woven fabric, makes a piping

dial is an exeeiient seam finisli.

This piping is prepared in advance and then stitctiod into the seam. Cut a true bias strip I'A inches

wide, plus ihree limes tlio widtii of the cord, of eitliei self or contrasting fabric. Sew strips together on

the k'iigtiiwise grain to obtain desired lenytii.

Adjust corditvg foot to the iefl si(!c of the needie. Encase, (he, cord in the bias strip, raw edges even,

i.ower piosser i>ar. Stitch to the cord, applying gentle tension to bias strip in front and back of (he

cording foot. Use a stitch length sligiitly longer tlian tor regular seaming. Do not crowd (he stitching

against the, cord.


Straight stitch setting; AK 3
Throat plate: General purpose, or straiglit stitch
Cording foot

The corcied scam is a profe.ssional treatment for

slip covers, children's ciotiics, and lingerie.
When cording a seam tlic cording ioot is usiudly
adjusted to the right of tire needle so that the bulk
of the work will fall to the, left.

Attach the piping to tlio rigid side of a single

scarn edge, witli the same stitch lengtl) used to
make the. piping (page ?3). Guide the edge of tlie

foot next to tire cord, but do not crowd.

Place tile attadied piping over the second seam

(>dge, and pin or baste togetlier.

Keep tlu' first stitching uppermost as a guide and

position tlu' seam under needie. Stifcii, this time,
crowding tire foot against tlie cord.

This meliiod prociuces evenly joined seam edges

and ligliUy set welting.

Curved seams are cordeci as easily as straigid

seams, e.xcept that a shorter slitcii length is used.
Since the sc-am allowance of the welting is bias,

it is not diiiicult to shape it to the seam.