SINGER 631 User Manual

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Selecior: BO
Stitch width tever: 2 -5
Stitch length: 10 20

Presser foot: O'etierii! puipose
Throat piate: Geheral purpose
Scam guide

Blind stitching provides a duralrle hem finish

that is almost invisibie, and comparable to liand

sewing. It is egually suited to straight as v.'eli ns

ciicular hems. Taped, bound, tunred or unfinished

hem edges can all be blind slitchod with equal case.

Mark, (urn and ¡>rcss (lie hem in tlte usual evay.

Place a basting guide line approximately ’A" from

top horn edge.

.Set Selector at BC). 'I'his setting produces four

straight stitches, separated by a single sideward

stitch fo the left.

Stitch width level setting for width of stitch is

deteirnined by tlie v.'cigiu and texture of the fabric


Place the hem edge over llie feed of the machine,

turn back the bulk of the fabric to llio lino of bast­

ing, creating a soft foid.

Position the work so that tlic straiglil stitches are

made on tiie hem edge aiui the sideward stitches

piorco the fold.

The stitch length v.'ill regulate the distance bet­

ween the blind stitches (10 to 20 stitches per inch).

Adjust the seam guide over the right toe of the

. foot until it rests next to the soft fold. Wliilo

stitching, fec.ti the fold against the flat of the guide.

A test sample in self fabric sliould be made to

determine correct settings.



ÍÍ .a a *!

.> 0 o

^ <i 0 s ñ -ii 0 :■ r-


This foot is designed to facilitate the placing of stitdiing dose to a

raised edge. The hinged feature of tliis foot ensures even feeding over
pinS: heavy layers of fabric or cross seams. It is attached to the machtuo
in |)lace of the regular presser foot, and may be adjusted to cither the
right or left side of tlic needle. Straight stitch or zigzag settings may

be used.


Zip Fastener Insertions

Corded Seams

Tubular Cording

Slip Cover Piping

Preparation. Secure the cording foot fo (he pres­

ser bar a.s you would the regular presser foot. Set
Selector and Lover. Adjustment to the right or left
of the needle is made by loosening the thumb screw

at the back. Check tiie position of fhe foot by

lowering the needle into the side notch, making .sure

it dears tlie foot. Lock it into position by tightening
the thumb screw.