SINGER 631 User Manual

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MUI,Tl-SI,OTnn:) »INDEU (Cont'd.)

Cmv(!d edges require slightly different fubiie huudliug from straight edgr^s. Inside curves are straigh­

tened as they are fed into the binder. If fabric is soft and has a tendency to stretch, reinforce the edge
with a single row of stitching before binding.

Outside cuivos tend to loarl away from the centre slot of the scroll and .should be guided so that a full

scam width is taken at the needle point. Do not attempt to pull or straigliten fabric into the lull length
of the scroll.









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■ S ;s s> SS S: S

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This alfadmiGiit offers a simple and effective way

to make gathered and pleated ruffles. Ruffles may
b(! made .sorparalely or made and applied at the

.same time. The ruffier i.s attached to the machine
in place of the regular presser foot and is used
with a straight slitdt setting only.

Straight stitch setting: AK 3
Throat plate; Straight slitch

Adjusting Points

The adjusting lever sets the. niffler for gathers or

pleats. The number 1 space setting is for gathers

and plates fullness al every stitch. Numbers 6 and

12 are space settings for pleats, .spacing them 6 or

12 stitche.s apart. The star is for straight stitdiiiuj

<i!id is used when grouping gathers or pleats.

The adjusting Hnger is used only for pleating

and affects the width of the pleat. It is thrown out

of action by bringing it out of contact with the

adjusting scre,w.

The adjusting screw' regulates the of

gatlters or pleats. When turned inward to its limit

with liie adjusting finger in place, tlie attadiment

is set for its deepest pleat. When turned outward

to its limit, witli file adjusting finger out of action,

¡he ruffier gives only a hint of fuliness.