SINGER 631 User Manual

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Removal of throat plate

Replacement of tiiroat plate

Place throat plate in position over two clampincj

Raise pressor bar. Turn hand wheel to raise needle

to its highest jjosition. (i)pen slide plate. Place thumb pins and then close slicic jriate.
under front end of throat plate and lilt plate from



More than any other sewing machine the new SiNGKR 631 will
eliminate a considerable amount of limc-consumincj and burden­
some work previously done by hand, 'i'his machine has the uni-

cpic feature of being capable of producing not only CMrnventional

lock stildiing but selectively single thread chain stitdung.

The main advantage of this lype of stildi is tliat the single thread
chain stildi can easily and cpiickly be removed by a single pull
on the chain stitch seam. By means of the chain stitch the, neces­

sary tacking and basting operations indispensable for sewing
perfectly fitted dresses or other garments can now be produced
on a maduiie. liven a section of a chain stitch scam can be remov­
ed without any effort as is frecpiently recpiired wlion fitting the

dross or garment (side and waist seam.s). Once the dress or gar­
ment fits, the tinal lock stildi is stilchcd in a close parallel line

to the diain stitch. Tlien the temporary scam is removed by a

single pull without leaving remains of the thread in tlio fabric.
Thus sewing-in of the basting .seam is very unlikeiy. For basting,

regular thread or darning thread may be used.

The single thread drain stitch has a wide range of applications
and can be erniiloyed (or a variety of operations, for instance: