SINGER 631 User Manual

Page 47

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Clean amt

Clean -

amt Oil

Your sewing machine was built to exacting stand­

ards of precision and workmanship. Its performance
depends on the care and treatment it rccc!vc.s when

in use and before storing it away.

When in regular use, the machine should bo

doaued periodically to remove the lint and fUiif
which may have accumulated round the working
parts. To clean the bobbin case area, see instruc­
tions (or removing and replacing bobbin case on

page.s 95 and 90. Oil the machine after each clean­
ing as instructed on pages 9?, 98 and 99.

If Uic machine is to be stored away for an inde-

, finite period of time, a thorough brush-cleaning

to remove all traces of lint and fluff, followed by
swabbing of all exposed parts with a lint-frcc brush

saturated with SINGER* Oil, is necessary to protect
the machine against rust damage. The areas that
should be cleaned and covered witli a protective
coat of oil arc shown in the iihisfration at tlte left.