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Automatic Needle Threading

Lower the presser foot lifter.

The needle should be in the highest


Push the threading lever down.


Push the threading lever all the

way down and a hook will go
through the eye of the needle.

Lower the threading lever and hook the Pass the thread in front of the needle
thread onto




and below the hook.


Release the needle threader and it will Pull the loop of thread that is at the
return to its original position

back of the needle out about 4".


1. Do not lower the threading lever

while the sewing machine is in

2. The automatic needle threader will

not work on twin needles.

Pulling Up Th© Bobbin Thread

Hold the needle thread lightly
with the left hand and turn the

handwheel toward you until



the needle enters the needle

IJ plate.

Drop the bobbin thread and

tighten the hold on the needle


thread until the bobbin thread

Is pulled up.

holding the needle thread until the
needie rises.

Pull both needle and bobbin

threads out about 4" and pass

• I. them under the pressor foot to

13 the back of the machine.

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